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Jace Hennig Writes Open Letter to Merrimack’s Coaching Staff


Departing senior Jace Hennig wrote an open letter in the latest edition of the Merrimack Beacon, thanking former Merrimack head coach Mark Dennehy as well as Bill Gilligan and Curtis Carr for their contributions to the program, as well the players as individuals. Dennehy and Gilligan were let go at the conclusion of the season; Carr has remained on staff.

“We, the seniors, want to thank you, Coach Dennehy for bringing us to Merrimack, and your commitment to bettering us not only as hockey players, but also as people,” he wrote. “It has been the best four years of our lives.

“Coach Gilligan, you have helped us grow as individuals, always taking an interest in our futures, through sharing your experiences or even the hard truths of life. Coach Carr, you have provided us with a tremendous amount of guidance and taught us all so much about ourselves, we’ve learned more about our characters since having you as one of our coaches.

“On behalf of our senior class, I would like the thank you for your impact on Merrimack Hockey. The success we have had both as a team and individually will never be forgotten. To you, coaches, you will all be missed, not only just by our teammates, and the Merrimack community, but us. You may say that you are forever in our debt, but it’s the contrary, we are in yours.”

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