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Tale of the Tape: Merrimack vs. Maine (2/17 & 2/18)

HEA Record8-8-67-11-4
Scoring First10-2-17-4-2
Opp. Score First4-12-55-13-3
When Outshooting6-5-44-5-2
When Outshot8-7-26-12-3
1-goal Games4-41-4
Power Play14.6%22.8%
Penalty Kill79.0%80.0%
PP Sh%11.5% (+4.2%)17.6% (+9.1%)
Sv% PK.835 (-10.0%).872 (-3.5%)
ST% Net-5.8%+5.6%
Goals Per2.473.21
Goals Against2.563.47
Shots For29.3229.09
Shots Against28.8533.26
CF EV%51.644.4
CF Close51.544.2
FF EV%51.244.1
FF Close%51.644.0
Sh% EV7.38.5
Sh% Close6.68.2
Sv% EV.935.907
Sv% Close.941.904

A breakdown of some advanced metrics, based upon already-available data, is included in this report. College hockey does not have all of the same data the NHL collects, but it does have some more data than is typically compiled anywhere publicly. See below for abbreviation key. Note: This is not “Corsi/Fenwick, per se,” which measures events for whenever that player is on the ice. These are only the shot attempts generated by that player.

PP Sh% – Shooting percentage on the power play (difference from even strength in parenthesis)
Sv% PK – Save percentage on the penalty kill (difference from even strength in parenthesis)
ST% Net – Sum of difference in shooting and save percentage on special teams compared to even strength
CF – Corsi For, i.e., percentage of total shot attempts in a game by one team
CF EV – Corsi For at even strength
CF Close – Corsi For in “close” situations (see below)
FF – Fenwick For, i.e., percentage of total unblocked shot attempts in a game by one team
FF EV – Fenwick For at even strength
FF Close – Fenwick For in “close” situations (see below)
Close – Events that happen when the game is ‘Close,’ i.e. within 2 goals (up 1, down 1 or tied) in the 1st or 2nd period, or tied in the 3rd, at even strength.
Sh% – Shooting Percentage
Sv% – Save Percentage
KRACH – a sophisticated mathematical model known as the Bradley-Terry rating system, first applied to college hockey by a statistician named Ken Butler.
Pairwise – represents the system used by the NCAA to select and seed teams for the NCAA Tournament.


Mike McMahon has covered Merrimack College for The Eagle Tribune since 2006 and he also has been a senior writer at College Hockey News since 2005.

You can follow Mike on Twitter @MikeMcMahonCHN and you can follow the site @TheMackReports.

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