VIP Insider 118: Beer sales coming for hockey, potential lineup notes


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— We mentioned this earlier in the week, but beer sales will be coming to Merrimack men’s hockey game this season. Beer sales have been happening at men’s lacrosse and football games, and there will be beer stations set up for both games against Lake Superior State this weekend. From my understanding, it’s priced around $5-$6 each and there will be a station in the main lobby (separate from the concession stand) as well as in the old lobby.

— Merrimack head coach Scott Borek said that the starting goaltender for this weekend has yet to be decided, because practice for the week isn’t over yet. Borek and his staff have been tracking save percentage in practice, and he said it’s likely the goalie with the best save percentage in practice will start. Borek also mentioned that he wanted to try to use two different lineups this weekend, giving as many players as possible the chance to play.

— Tyler Heidt and August von Ungern, who freshmen, will be out for this weekend against Lake Superior State. It sounds like Von Ungern could be out for a few weeks, potentially into November or December, and Heidt could be a few weeks away from returning as well.

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