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Conference KRACH Rankings: UMass holding up Hockey East


Ranking conference strength can be difficult. At College Hockey New, we endorse the KRACH ratings as the best way to rank college hockey teams. Lucky for us, there is a KRACH rating attached to each team. Below are the average KRACH ratings for each conference.

  1. NCHC – 350.19
  2. Big Ten – 257.70
  3. Hockey East – 238.55
  4. ECAC – 157.98
  5. WCHA – 148.92
  6. AHA – 42.23

There are some big skews in these numbers, however, which needs to be addressed. For example, UMass’ KRACH rating is more than double everyone else’s rating in the country, with the exception of St. Cloud State. That skews Hockey East heavily.

For TMR VIP members, there will be a forthcoming insider post diving keeper into these numbers.


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