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Four NHL College Hockey Feasibility Studies Underway


Mike Snee, the director of College Hockey, Inc., joined Bernie Corbett on this weekend’s edition of CHN’s Hockey on Campuswhich can you listen on online here and subscribe to on iTunes.

On the program, Snee spoke about the college hockey feasibility studies that are being funded by the NHL and NHLPA. Thus far, Illinois and Oakland University (Michigan) have come public with their studies. The NHL/NHLPA is sponsoring five studies, and Snee said that two other schools have taken advantage of the program, but are doing so confidentially.

That leaves one more study in the program, which the NHL/NHLPA capped at five.

However, Snee said he’s hopeful that the excitement surrounding this partnership could give the NHL/NHLPA reason to sponsor more. Snee said that College Hockey Inc. has spoken to 8-10 other schools who are interested in examining college hockey.


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