Hockey East Among Several Conferences to Cancel Tournament

The Hockey East Association announced Thursday that the 2020 Hockey East Men’s Tournament will not be played due to concerns over the COVID-19 health situation.

Five of the six conferences have officially canceled their tournaments today amid the growing worldwide coronavirus crisis. The Big Ten is expected to follow suit shortly.

Meanwhile, though the NCAA hasn’t said anything yet, it’s more than likely the entire NCAA Tournament will be canceled as well.

There was hope yesterday that all would continue without fans in the building, part of a policy of “social distancing” that helps prevent the spread of the virus.

However, last night, it was learned that an NBA player contracted the virus, and the league immediately suspended operations. The NHL, MLS and Major League Baseball are all expected to follow suit. Worldwide, a Formula One team and large portion of a European soccer team have also contracted the illness, and sports everywhere have been canceled.

One after another today, sports conferences in the U.S. were canceling events. Rock concerts, large and small, have canceled as well in recent days.

Government officials expect millions to eventually be infected. Slowing the tide is the only hope, they say, of not overwhelming medical facilities. Most cases are mild, but it’s still unknown just how virulent and deadly the disease is. And the rate of infection and death is much higher than the flu, according to statistics so far, and there is no immunity or vaccination yet.

These factors have contributed to the growing concern.

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