Mack’s Mailbag: It’s Game Week!

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During the Blue and Gold game you mentioned Bigos putting in some work on the power play, but you did not mention him in the rundown for the Warriors this year when you had them placed in 4th. Where do you see him fitting in this season?
Small correction – I placed them third.
But as for Bigos, the only reason he wasn’t mentioned was because I just picked the first few returning scorers. He’s a big part of the defense, logs a lot of minutes and like he has been his first two years, will likely see top-4 time this season. He’s strong as an ox, hits like a freight train and is an intimidating presence.

What was your take on the Francona thing?
The Red Sox are a mess, and it was certainly more than just the manager. Ultimately, it’s his job to control the clubhouse but I think it’s pretty clear that an army drill sergeant would have a tough time controlling this crew.  Ultimately, it falls on the players. GM Theo Epstein has as much blame in this as Terry Francona and the players – I mean these are grown men – they have to control themselves.
But it at least appears that this team just lost interest and worst of all, didn’t care.

Is Notre Dame coming to Hockey East a good thing? A lot of people I read are saying it’s not.
It’s a great thing. Quite frankly, the reasons I’ve seen people write as to why Notre Dame is not a good choice for the league – travel for other teams, the fact that the Irish aren’t in New England – seems like a stretch. Notre Dame takes on the biggest bulk of the travel cost having to fly into Logan (or Manchester, or Providence) 10 or so times per season. Notre Dame is Notre Dame. There aren’t many other universities you can add to your conference that brings that type of prestige level. Non-college hockey fans might not know who Merrimack is, but they sure as heck know who Notre Dame is. And being tied to the Irish is good for the league’s smaller schools, like Merrimack.
A good story to make my point … A friend of mine is a pro wrestler. He told me when he first started out, he would normally gets recognized 2-3 times per week – at the grocery store, the airport, etc. He worked a few matches with Hulk Hogan on television and he was suddenly recognized everywhere he went. No one knew who he was, but everyone on the planet knows who Hulk Hogan is, and by just being on TV with him, he was more “famous,” I guess.
In both recruiting players and students for schools like Merrimack and Providence, being on television and being associated with Notre Dame is a big deal.

I wanted to go to Maine on Friday but I doubt I’ll get tickets at the door and want to sit with Merrimack fans? Are there Merrimack tickets?
Contact the athletic department. I believe that teams are required to hold a certain number of tickets for visiting teams to sell. But, they might have to send them back on Tuesday or Wednesday, definitely before Friday, so make sure you do it sooner rather than later.

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