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Is 1400 AM still actually broadcasting the games? A couple times driving up recently, I’ve been running late but still heard only smooth latin beats.
1400 broadcasts only the road games.

Any news on the future renovations to the Lawler?
I’ve heard they are starting soon. The 3-D model I posted last week looks incredible. It looks as if it will change the entire look of the building.

Any chance Madsen would file for an injury red shirt and play next year?
He is ineligible for a medical red shirt. In order to qualify, you must play in less than 20% of your team’s games, and if you have appeared in any games, it must be during the first half of the season. Even missing the remainder of the season, he will have played in more than 20% of Merrimack’s games, and obviously played play in the second half.

Is the BU game on Friday really sold out? I wanted to get tickets, where can I go?
I’ve been told that the next three games (BU, UNH and BC) are all gone. I’d check back, with the hope that perhaps some tickets being held for faculty or staff is put back on sale if they aren’t going to be used. I know Stub Hub has tickets to all of those games, but for the BU game, for example, I saw tickets going for $65 that faced at $20.

What conference is Merrimack looking to join when it makes the jump to Division 1?
Well, that’s if they make the jump. They’re exploring it, and I think it’s something they really want to do. As far as a conference, America East would be fantastic, but it needs to be a two-way street. Any potential conference has to be open to accepting another member. Not every league is going to be on board with adding schools. There are plenty of options. I also don’t think it’s necessary to join an “Eastern” conference, at least not right away. There are plenty of conferences that are spread out almost nationally, but play minimal conference games which allows teams to spend less when it comes to travel. That could be an option if an Eastern conference doesn’t have a spot open at the moment.

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