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Q&A with Saint Leo Men’s Lacrosse Coach Brad Jorgensen


Saint Leo men’s lacrosse coach Brad Jorgensen took part in a media teleconference on Tuesday, ahead of Sunday’s national championship game against Merrimack at Gillette Stadium.

Opening statement …

Jorgensen: “We’re really excited to be here and it’s a big time for our kids and our program. There’s a huge challenge ahead of us, and we’re looking forward to rolling up our sleeves and getting to work on it.”

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On what he’s seen from Merrimack on film …

Jorgensen: “There are a lot of challenges. They can beat you in various styles, 6-on-6, they’re comfortable running and gunning and they have a faceoff guy who is at 70 percent. There’s just not an obvious hole to attack. From a matchup standpoint, you’re talking about a guy they have with 91 points, 75 points, 70 points. Again, there is no one guy you stop, and you’ll be fine. You have to worry about all 10 days on the field at any given moment.”

On the difference of Merrimack having the experience of being in the national title gamg last year …

Jorgensen: “In the end, it’s a lacrosse game. We’ve played a lot of those. As for the possible distractions, I was fortunate to serve on the national committee for a period of time, so I have seen the nuts and bolts of the operation. That’s going to be really helpful logistically. In the end, our guys will have the experience of a lifetime.”

On preparing for the national title game being different than other weeks of preparation …

Jorgensen: “We hope we’re doing it right. We hope we’re concentrating on the things we need to concentrate on. Usually, it’s practice first. We don’t talk about who we’re playing next until we fix some of the things we need to do better from our previous game.

“The routine will be the same until we get on the plane. Then it will be tough to keep our routine. We’ve been telling guys for a month that they have had the pleasure of being professional lacrosse players because we’ve been out of school for a while. There’s nothing else for us to do. The only reason we’re still here (on campus) is 4:00 on Sunday. But the reality is they’re not pros, and they’re about to have a really cool experience. I would be doing them a disservice if I frowned on them enjoying it. It’s a tough balance to strike.”

On playing two close, 12-11, games in the NCAA Tournament and if that gets them ready for this game …

Jorgensen: “It would be fair to call us battle-tested. Two one-goal tournament games and we’ve had plenty of close games in the regular season as well. We shouldn’t be surprised by too many situations at this point. I think playing a good team, playing a tight game, those are things that aren’t new to us.

“Really, it’s going to be about not letting the moment get to us. On Sunday, we really let the moment overwhelm us at times. We’re harping on that this week. The moment won’t get the bigger than Sunday.”

On preparing for a new team …

Jorgensen: “It doesn’t change a boatload for us. It’s the same situation we were in last week. We played Tampa three times in four weeks, and we see them so much there’s not a lot of preparation to do. Then we play Lenoir-Rhyne, who we haven’t played in probably five or six years. So we’ve done that.

“Technology is wonderful. Film is wonderful. The ability for our players to watch film on their own time and for us to clip it out. I don’t think it changes our prep a whole lot. It’s nice to prepare for someone new. It keeps it fresh and our kids have been at it a long time. At this stage, I’d rather play someone new than someone we know too well.”

Mike McMahon is in his 13th year covering Merrimack College for The Eagle Tribune and is the founder and managing editor of The Mack Report. Mike also serves on staff as a senior writer at College Hockey News. Follow him on Twitter @MikeMcMahonCHN


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