Ranking The Five Possible MVP Awardees In 2020-21 NFL Game Season

As the quarterback’s salary continues to skyrocket every year, the NFL MVP Award is the highest recognition that these players might get. In every NFL game, quarterbacks have the highest responsibility working out a balanced offense and defense. Apart from that, he should connect with all players to hit a goal. 

In line with that, the NFL regular season is returning on September 10, 2020, where the Kansas City Chiefs will contend against the Houston Texans. The remaining teams will also take their first divisional playoffs in their respective conferences. Fans can expect a 17-week NFL playoff schedule, which will conclude on February 7, 2021. 

While every football fan is getting excited for the newest NFL season to kick-off, the quarterbacks are also aiming to show their greatest skills for a coveted NFL MVP Award. To find out this year’s toughest quarterbacks, we show you the top five NFL picks of the most sought after QBs who are also possible candidates for the 2020 NFL MVP trophy. 

Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs 

Amid COVID-19 pandemic concerns regarding NFL salaries getting tighter this year, the Kansas City Chiefs seem to disregard that. They have offered Mahomes a record-breaking contract to reconsider playing as a starting quarterback for the same team again. Last year, Mahomes had shown an emphatic performance, which led them to get the Super Bowl LIV title. 

Today, as he plays for the Chiefs one more time, there is no doubt that the NFL community is rooting for another MVP award. At 24, Mahomes is one of the youngest NFL players who was an NFL MVP recipient. Not only that, but he also got multiple recognitions when he started his career in 2018, which includes NFL Offensive Player of the Year,  NFL MVP, and NFL Passing Touchdowns Leader.

Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys 

In his fourth year with the Dallas Cowboys, Dak Prescott has always been a tough quarterback to defeat. Since he joined the team, he was offered a $35-million contract annually, which he never failed to exchange with impressive game highlights. Today, he is even more boosted after the Cowboys got CeeDee Lamb and Mike McCarthy. 

Last NFL season, Dak Prescott’s performance was beyond impressive. He was one of the NFL players who got a 99.7 rating as a quarterback, including 33 touchdowns and 5, 000 passing yards. With these numbers, there’s no doubt that he’s a possible NFL MVP award this year following his two-time Pro Bowl achievement. 

Lamar Jackson, Baltimore Ravens

One of the reasons why the Baltimore Ravens soared high last year was because of Lamar Jackson. Together with his team, they bested some of the AFC’s huge bullies and reached the quarterfinals. Although the Ravens got dispatched by the Wildcard winner, the Tennessee Titans, Lamar Jackson was still an NFL MVP recipient. 

In the last season, Jackson’s scorecard was totally impressive. Focusing only on his passing rates, he leads the pack to rank the best QBs in today’s NFL season. He averaged 81.8 ratings with 38 touchdown-interceptions, including 36 passing touchdowns. Today, Jackson is working for the same team, hoping to match his previous performance. There is no doubt he can win the NFL MVP award for the second time around.

Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks 

The NFL community was a bit surprised that Russel Wilson hasn’t won any NFL MVP award despite being a seven-time Pro Bowl recipient. However, he is looking forward to the said award as he will play as the starting quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks. Last year, he played worst in the offensive lines, which led him to get disqualified for the recognition.

Although he was doing great in the offense division, Wilson had secured an excellent scorecard. He tallied 34 touchdowns, 4,110 passing yards with 106.3 QB rating. Today, Wilson will work with the Seattle Seahawks’ best duo receivers, D.K. Metcalf and Tyler Lockett. If they do well, then there’s no doubt that Wilson can take the MVP award this year. 

Tom Brady, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

The NFL MVP Award is more than numbers and statistics. A quarterback is someone who can play impressively and helps every member to rise up. It is why Tom Brady has won several of this award in the past and might do the same as he signed in with his latest team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 

Although Brady has aged and is one of the veteran quarterbacks to look forward to, the NFL MVP award is still a possible award for him to clinch. Not only because of Brady’s experience, but he is surrounded by excellent Bucs players and is reuniting with his former teammate, Rob Gronkowski. 


Aside from the sought-after Lombardi Trophy that every NFL team aims to achieve every year, the NFL MVP Award is also at-stake. It recognizes the best quarterbacks for the whole season that showed great numbers and exceptional attitudes. Hence, the five QB’s above are the people you should look forward to because one of them is a sure recipient of the 2020-21 NFL Most Valuable Player recognition.

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