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Bracket Breakdown: Warriors still arching


Pairwise as of all games complete, Feb. 20, 2011
1. Yale
2. North Dakota
3. Boston College
4. Merrimack
5. Denver
6. Michigan
7. Minnesota-Duluth
8. Union
9. Nebraska-Omaha
10. Notre Dame
11. New Hampshire
12. Miami
13. Rensselaer
14. Wisconsin
15. Western Michigan
16. RIT

1. Yale vs. 16. RIT
8. Union vs. 9. Nebraska Omaha

3. Boston College vs. 14. Wisconsin
6. Michigan vs. 11. New Hampshire

Green Bay
2. North Dakota vs. 15. Western Michigan
7. Minnesota-Duluth vs. 10. Notre Dame

St. Louis
4. Merrimack vs. 13. RPI
5. Denver vs. 12. Miami

So I believe that the Warriors would stay in St. Louis and flip with Denver and now have the No. 1 seed in that regional. The biggest news out of that regional is that Dartmouth dropped out of the tournament completely after losses to Colgate and Cornell over the weekend. So now, the Warriors would be matched up with RPI in the 1 vs. 4 game in that bracket.

It’s not going to be easy for the Warriors to end up in Manchester. At this point, if they remain a No. 1 seed, it’s going to be nearly impossible for them to go to Bridgeport, unless Yale drops into a No. 2 seed, but right now, the Bulldogs are the No. 1 overall seed in the entire tournament.

They could wind up in Manchester if they jump Boston College in the Pairwise, but that’s a heck of a task, obviously. And then, if UNH is a No. 4 seed, it would be hard for either BC or Merrimack to got to Manchester, if both were to finish as No. 1 seeds (in an effort to avoid inter-conference matchups in the first round).

So, while plenty of things can still happen, I think the Warriors will be traveling west if they are fortunate enough to make the NCAA’s. And like I said in my Reax post, while nothing is a “lock” if you asked me to put money on it, I’d say the Warriors make the NCAA’s.

Not sure the last time – if ever – that a team projected as a No. 1 seed in a regional this late in the season missed out on the tournament completely. Wouldn’t seem to me that it happens that often.


  1. As we have been saying — MC just has to keep winning and everything else will take care of itself.

    11-3 now in one-goal games. If you ignore empty net goals, where they gave up two and scored two, they are effectively 13-5 in one-goal games. Either way, quite a turnaround from two years ago.

    On another note, it is possible for there to be a four way tie for first at the end of the regular season. In that case, since MC wins all the tiebreakers, they would get the top seed, although all teams who may end up tying for first are awarded a share of the regular season title.

    The magic number for home ice is two vs Maine and six vs BU. MC only needs to beat out one of those two teams to get home ice. But obviously, sights are set higher, i.e. second or first. For the Warriors to beat out BC, they need to gain as many points the rest of the way as BC does or more. To beat out UNH, they need to gain two more points than UNH.

  2. They would have to be a #1 seed and be ahead of BC to be placed in Manchester (other things like what seed UNH would be has to be considered as well). Interconference matchups are avoided if at all possible.

  3. Ryan has it right — here is why…they start by placing the four No. 1 seeds as close to home as possible (also placing host teams in their regional). #1 Yale goes to Bridgeport where they are hosting. #2 North Dakota goes to Green Bay. #3 BC goes to Manchester. #4 MC would end up in the only one left, St. Louis.

    Suppose MC ends up ahead of BC. Then it is MC that would go to Manchester. UNLESS — UNH is a No. 4 seed. UNH would have to be placed in Manchester as the host, and since as Ryan says, intraconference matchups in the first round are to be avoided if possible (they're ok after that), no Hockey East No. 1 seed could go there.

    I tend to think that the HE champ, if it is BC, MC or UNH, will end up as a No. 1 seed in Manchester. And that is actually because they will have finished strong enough including four wins in the HE tourney (two or more likely against TUC and good teams), that they will wind up that high in the Pairwise. The only caveat again is if UNH fell all the way to a 4 seed, which I do not expect to happen.


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