Mack’s Mailbag – 5/1/14

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And, as you will be able to tell with some of these, I will answer them all.

Question: Are you as surprised as I am to see two prominent juniors not coming back for their senior years? Does this signal a program in disarray? (Jarrett)

McMahon: No. I don’t think it’s uncommon, coming of a season like Merrimack just had, to see some changeover in the roster that isn’t just due to graduation. In Myers’ case, he is graduating. He has the chance to get his degree a year early – I’m guessing he was taking classes while playing junior hockey and they transferred in – so I’m not sure he counts as  “not coming back,” as you’ve said.

Toomey was in and out of the lineup as a junior. He played in 24 games total, but had trouble sticking. Perhaps he just wants a better opportunity to play? I don’t want to speculate, because I don’t think that’s fair, and I’m not aware of any details other than that he is likely to transfer.

Q: Why wouldn’t Toomey transfer to another D-I program? (Jarrett)

M: I’m guessing it has to do with the year in residency. If he transfer to a Division III program, he doesn’t have to sit out a season. If he transferred to another D-I team, he would have to sit out a season in residency and would essentially be a senior two years in a row. I’m sure he wants to get his degree and graduate, and then move on to the next chapter in his life, so transferring to a D-III program actually makes perfect sense for him. He’s also likely going to be a big part of whichever program he chooses.

Q: Do you have a pick for the NHL second round? (Tony)

M: Bruins in 5. Rangers in 7.

Q: Is Brett Seney coming in next season? On the OJHL website, it lists him as a 2013 or a 2014. We could use him! (Bob in Andover)

M: It’s possible. I’m not positive a decision has been made, but I believe he could if he wanted to (meaning academically, he’s completed his senior year of high school).

Q: Do you think Hockey East will ever take Quinnipiac? I bet that they would be a much better fit for the league than UConn, who is going to struggle for a long time. (Matthew in Connecticut)

M: Hockey East won’t even consider Quinnipiac, at this point, unless another program leaves. I don’t see HE going about 12 schools, at least not in the near future. And to be honest, I think UConn makes much more sense than Quinnipiac. Sure, the Bobcats are the better program on the ice, but HE acquired a brand name in UConn.

Q: Have you been to UConn’s rink? It’s a joke. (Matthew)

M: Yes, and it’s not that bad, actually. It’s not a good Hockey East rink, but the facilities aren’t terrible (locker rooms, among other things). Besides, UConn will play all of its home Hockey East games at the XL Center in Hartford.

Q: Did you ask Wade Murphy why he de-committed from Merrimack when you were at the Frozen Four? (???)

M: Um, no. Also, he didn’t play.

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