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Courtesy of Merrimack Athletics
Courtesy of Merrimack Athletics

I’ve been on the Merrimack campus a few times this summer, and every time I enter the lobby of the Volpe Center, someone is blaring music from the weight room.

The times have varied; I’ve been there at 10 a.m., 4 p.m. and sometimes in between. But no matter when I’m there, former Merrimack defenseman Joe Loprieno is going through a workout.

I don’t know the San Jose Sharks’ depth chart – and it’s logical to assume that a first-year pro will spend at least a year in the AHL – but Loprieno is working his tail off. I’ve been told he’s been putting himself through double-sessions all summer, working out in the morning, taking a break, and then hitting the gym a second time in the afternoon.

The Sharks open training camp in about a month and Loprieno will be there, along with another former Warrior Matt Jones.

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