Stewart announced as new assistant

Merrimack sent out a press release this morning announcing the official hiring of UConn assistant Glenn Stewart as the newest addition to the Merrimack coaching staff.

“This is a great hire for the Merrimack College hockey program,” said head coach Mark Dennehy. “Glenn brings a wealth of experience as a former Hockey East and nine-year professional hockey player.  He has already built some great recruiting relationships from Western Canada to the USHL, NAHL, and Ontario.  Finally, as a former forward, he should prove to be the perfect complement to the staff.”

Stewart joins Phil Roy as assistants under Dennehy, who is entering his fifth season as head coach.


  1. I hope for coach Dennehy's sake this will provide him some stability in the upcoming years for he seems to have lost a coach each year he has been there:
    We all must remember that it is not a question of loyalty when an assistant leaves a program or even a head coach at the ncaa level like the Brown and Bowling Green coach have done recently:
    These coaches have young familys to support in most cases and if a coach after one year leaves Merrimack for a job that pays more money and provides a better situation for him ( such as Albie Oconnell ) than so be it: Sometimes the timing isnt the greatest but there is nothing we can do about that
    I wish coach Stewart well this upcoming season and I look forward to what strategies and designs he can bring to the offense

  2. It's a fair point (when it comes to coaches leaving) basically all have gone to better situations.

    Albie O'Connell left for a higher-paying gig at Northeastern.

    Darren Yopyk wants to be a head coach, and he won't be granted that opportunity without head coaching experience, so it was a move he had to make in order to fulfill his career goals, bottom line.

    Tom Welby left the program (although something tells me he'll still be around quite a bit) because he has a young family and he was in an unpaid volunteer position. He has his priorities in the right order.

    The only one that comes to mind that didn't go on to a “promotion” was probably Marty Quarters. But, he was from the Mid-West and wanted to return closer to home – you can't fault a guy for that either.

    So, while there has been a lot of turnover, it's tough to really analyze it. Assistants, especially at the collegiate level, are on the road just as much as they are behind the bench. As long as the one constant (Dennehy) doesn't change, the ship is still being steered by the same person.

  3. The coaching staffs at UML and Northeastern have turned over quite a bit in the last five years and if anything it has been a positive for both of those programs.

  4. Coach Stewart is apparently pretty intense and will have high expectations of his players. This may help tip the scale to prevent those 1 goal losses that hurt so much last year. I believe that his move to Merrimack provides a better fit for his personal life so he likely plans on being here for the long term. Hopefully his professional experience will help him guide his players towards the next level. Good Luck to the new coach.

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