The New Matthews Arena

I came across some photos of the new Matthews Arena, after the old barn underwent numerous rennovations this offseason.

The press box was moved to the lower level and a video board was installed above center ice.

Matthews Arena


  1. All the seats were replaced as well. The hard shell seats that had been there since the day it opened are now gone. THAT is the biggest difference for the fan.

  2. Chris I believe is right: I remember the place having benches with backs on them and not real seats:
    The best seat in all of hockey east is a front row seat in the Upper deck:
    You are literaly right on top of the action in one of those seats:
    All in all, a great venue to see a game with the orange line literally right next to the arena you can get there early, get a good parking space and take the Orange Line back to Haymarket / Fanuel Hall for a few drinks and food before game and then come back for the game

  3. nin,

    I agree, I love watching a game at Matthews. Especially lately – winning brings out crowds and the atmosphere is tremendous.

  4. Mike, the dog pound at the end of the arena in the upper deck really gets into it and the place does have a great atmosphere, much better than BC and BU although that may have to do with the style of BC and BUs arenas

  5. Matthews has a great atmosphere now — I love watching games there — but back in 2004 or so, the place was empty on a semi-regular basis (the Crowder era) .. Cronin brought a lot of support back and winning helps that even more. He's done a tremendous job and Matthews is one of my favorite places in the league to watch a game.

  6. Mike, in a non related item, you may need to go back to update the season schedule and you will probably need to tweak it ongoing during the season as times and dates often change
    The Mack /BC game listed 12/1 at BC is now apparently 2/23 , both were Tuesday games, it is 2/23 on the BC and Hockey East website and I Believe a game at Lowell in Nov may be a 7:00 start instead of 4:00 or 5:00

  7. I thought the old press box location was the best broadcast location in the league. Disappointed they moved it downstairs, but we will see how it is. I think it could be harder to see what's going on across the ice than it was upstairs.

  8. I agree with Mike – I'm a little hesitant about this new location of the PB. There was nothing better than looking down and being right over the glass at Matthews.

  9. NUhuskyfan: You are correct, The Dog Pound is in the endzone of Cleveland Browns home games, and Matthews is the Doghouse:
    Sorry to confuse the Doghouse with the Browns fans who wear dog masks and spiked dog collars to games:

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