Tidbits on Stewart …

From what I’m hearing, Glenn Stewart‘s hiring as an assistant coach at Merrimack is technically not official yet, as there is still some HR work to do, but he was offered the job and did accept the job, and the delay in announcement is nothing more than procedure.

I found this interesting in my digging. According to some I’ve talked to, UConn does not give scholarships to hockey athletes, just financial aid.

And, to top it off, they do not offer financial aid to non-American students. So, every Canadian on the UConn roster is paying their way through college.

Stewart has had success recruiting in Western Canada, including recruiting Marcello Ranallo, who finished with 21 points last year as a freshman (he’s from B.C.).

In all, the Huskies had just two players on their roster from Canada, but seven of its players come from Canadian leagues.

I’ll have more on Stewart’s hiring, and what it means for Merrimack, in a bit.


  1. I was surprised to read that UCONN does not offer athletic scholarships
    If they put the effort they put into Mens and Womans Basketball as well as Football, they would be DOMINANT in Hockey East:
    I dont know if the Gampell Pavillion is equipt for hockey but if it is or they could make it accesable for hockey, they could keep all the great prep school kids from Conn who end up at BC, BU, etc home and be a powerhouse in Hockey East:
    I say hockey east for they would salivate at the opportunity to take on a UConn program which was commited to hockey as much as basketball and football: Look at how quick the football program got running to a high level program after only 3-4 years in divsion 1 big east

    Hockey east would like nothing better to have all the large state schools in New England ( with exc of Rhode Island ) in their confernce
    HOCKEY EAST would take them in a heartbeat and then worry about adding another team to make 12 or remove another team to keep 10

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