Trivino update: Parker pulled his scholarship

According to a report in today’s Boston Globe, Boston University head coach Jack Parker pulled Corey Trivino’s scholarship in the aftermath of his arrest on Sunday night for allegedly breaking into a female student’s dormitory room and forcibly kissing and groping her.

“I had to get rid of Corey Trivino from our hockey team because I’d given him a warning in September that if he had another alcohol-related incident on or off campus, I would remove him from the team and take away his scholarship,’’ Parker told the Globe.

He also said in the story, written by Nancy Marrapese-Burrell that he tried to get the senior center help.

“[I said] One of us is going to be right,’’’ said Parker. “I’m betting you’re going to be sitting in front of me before the semester is over and I’m going to be telling you, ‘You’re out of here.’ ’’

Click here to read the entire story, which includes more quotes from Parker.

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