1. If he makes the team won't he be the first local (Andover, N.Andover) kid since Andy Heinze to play for Merrimack?

  2. love the blog, are you going to do a prediction for the coming season as to how each team will finish in hockey east and why?

  3. NU should contend for home ice as long as Theissen's replacement isn't a total Sieve. They did bring in a goalie coach last season.

  4. Mike: I look forward to your preview as well as everyone elses comments on who will do well this year:
    You heard it here first: Watch out for Maine making a run for that kid Nyquist will be the best player in Hockey East if he has any support around him: He will probably be only around this year since he is a high Detriot pick already this could be his last year

  5. NIN, I like Nyquist…he has a chance to be a Stallberg type of impact guy…the team that can shut him down will shut down UMO…

  6. ya, this will be a retooling year for the huskies…. but #8?!

    i have us at #6


  7. NUhuskyfan,
    I like Coach Cronin and think NU is a program to be reckoned with, but this year could be tough with new goalies and a lot of times up and coming programs have a rough year after the breakthrough year.

  8. Ya I hear that, a lot depends on the new goalie, we'll see, could be great could struggle out of the shoot. We're a young team, we'll be fun to watch.

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