Lawler Arena’s New Look

I stopped by Lawler Arena last week and while there are no pictures this time around, fans will notice some big changes when they enter the arena this winter.

Most noticable is the new ice surface. It will surely make the biggest difference with the players on the ice but even from the stands, the ice looks fantastic. No more are the stains at center ice or the visible valleys along the boards and in the corners. For those very familiar with the ice, the “Volpe Ravine” is gone, at last.

Speaking of the ice, the “MC” logo now sits at the center ice faceoff circle.

As you walk into the rink from the lobby you’ll notice new flooring and yellow kick plates along the base of the boards.

Captains’ practices are already underway and the team hits the ice a few days this week. Opening night in North Dakota is just 31 days away.

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